31 de March de 2022

Accessible Toilet

Accessible Toilet We know how important it is for a dependent person or person with reduced mobility to have articles specially designed to make their day-to-day […]
31 de March de 2022

Disabled shower trays

People with reduced mobility encounter obstacles and architectural barriers on a daily basis that prevent them from moving as easily as they should. Fortunately, institutions are […]
31 de March de 2022

Adapted bathrooms with rectangular shower

¿Do you know about our rectangular accessible showers? It is an electrical access system for adapted bathrooms, with a rotating panel that is perfectly adaptable for […]
22 de October de 2021

Showers for dependent people

How to reform the bathroom for dependent people? How to help them to be more autonomous? How safe can a shower be? Having adapted showers for […]
30 de September de 2021

Autonomic Paris 2021

October 12-14, 2021 International fair for the assistance of the disabled & the elderly Excelshower we are going to participate in Autonomic Paris 2021. You will […]