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The safest accessible shower for people with reduced mobility in the world

Bathrooms for people with disabilities have very specific characteristics. One of them, her shower. The design of disabled and handicapped bathrooms is very important. Because safety and comfort are the two axes that determine its composition. An accessible bathroom with a shower is not just about putting a bar, or a seat. It is making sure that you can shower autonomously without worrying about anything. In short, when it comes to an adapted shower there are many factors to take into account and below we explain the most characteristic of our accessible showers.

Easy to Use

Easy access and possibility to use the shower independently or with a caregiver’s help

Efficent Assistance

HCS is designed to offer the possibility of a simultaneous use by the disabled, seated, and the caregiver

Perfect for the Whole Family

By the width of its box, HCS can be happily used by all family members

Adjustable Seat

Easy use of the adjustable seat, according to every needs

Reduced Dimensions and Contemporary Design

HCS is easily adaptable to any kind of bathroom by its minimum required space and current design

Remote Control

HCS is equipped with a remote control that regulates the seat and activates the rotation movement of door


Most important to us, satisfied customers!
  • It is the solution we were looking for. Practical and safe.
    Luis Perez
  • It is the first time I have taken a shower alone in a long time. It allows me access without the need for anyone to help me.
    María Cosío
  • I have leg problems and with this system it greatly facilitates access to the shower.
    Adolfo Rodriguez
  • The feeling in the shower is very comfortable. I enjoy privacy because I can already access it on my own.
    Beatriz Fabra

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