EXCEL SHOWER was born from a need in today’s society, to improve the quality of life of all people by revolutionizing the bathroom sector

We are a company that assembles all its products in Spain with the highest quality control standards


We are a Valencian entrepreneurial company, whose main objective is to provide a viable solution to a real problem of a large part of society.

We have branches in Spain, France, Italy and Belgium, as well as clients in different countries around the world.

We have an R&D department, made up of a team of professionals with extensive knowledge and experience, who day by day try to develop new technologies and improvements in the field of mobility, in order to provide solutions to different parts of society.

  • 2019First Steps

    he year 2019 was when the first prototype of the HCS SHOWER was presented, for its acronym in English HELP CARE SYSTEM (Care assistance system). During that year, we received different recognitions from different parts of the world:
    • Alfa de Oro 2019 (Spain). Winner.
    • Premios Empresa Social 2019, Fundación Gala (Spain). Winner.
    • Home Care Awards 2019 (United Kingdom). Winner.
    • Fundación Domus 2019 (Spain). Winner.
    • European Bussines Awards 2019 (United Kingdom). Winner.
    • Premios NAN Arquitectura y Construcción 2019 (España). Winner.
    • Silver Eco and Well International Awards (France). Finalist.
  • 2020Study & Improvements

    We have been technically improving the shower and providing it with substantial improvements, which make the HCS Shower, the ultimate solution in safety, comfort and well-being.

  • 2021Commercialization

    In 2021, on January 10, after 3 intense years, we started marketing the HCS Shower. Samples are sent to all the contacts that have been made in recent years, hoping to have positive feedback and share people’s comments.

    As a product valuation and to be able to see people’s valuations, it is decided to open its own retail store, to be able to see first hand, people’s impressions, listening to them and feeling them. That store opens in Castellón. It is located in another province, but as it is a population with the highest average age percentages in Spain, it is decided to place it at that point.

    Expectations for this year are to be introduced in approximately 11 European countries, Canada and the United States. Our goal is to make the product known through our customers, in order to reach as many homes as possible. We will work hand in hand so that in each country where it is distributed, we can get all possible subsidies for this product, as it is a product intended for people with reduced mobility or disabilities.

Our Philosophy

Excel Shower, has as main objective, to provide the maximum solutions to elderly people or people with reduced mobility. To do this, we listen to everything that these people have to tell us, sharing different points of view and better understanding what those personal needs are, to make them ours and to be able to give global solutions.

As a goal, what we want is to provide the elderly or people with reduced mobility with a higher quality of life, improving them qualitatively, those dangerous aspects that occur daily.


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