16 de febrero de 2021

Ducha HCS de Excelshower.

Shower HCS to Excelshower. The safest shower in the world.The best option to shower for old people. Ducha HCS de Excelshower. La ducha más segura del […]
15 de febrero de 2021

Paso 5. Disfruta de la ducha mas seguro del mundo.

Step 5. Enjoy the safest shower in the world. You’ll be able to get up if you physically can. In addition, if you need help, you […]
14 de febrero de 2021

Paso 4. Introdúcete en la ducha o sal de ella totalmente seguro.

Step 4. Get in the shower or get out of it completely safe. Sitting and comfortable. Never showering has been so safe. www.excelshower.com Paso 4. Introdúcete […]
13 de febrero de 2021

Paso 3. Accede a la ducha de forma completamente segura.

 Step 3. Completely safe, and minimizing the effort of both the user and the assistant, a remote control inserts the user into the shower, sitting and […]
12 de febrero de 2021

Paso 2. Ayuda en el ducha de forma totalmente segura

Step 2.It helps in the shower in a totally safeway, both for the user and for the person who assistshim. You’ll be able to adjust the […]