Do I have to do some work to put an accessible shower?

Preguntas FrecuentesCategory: excelshower Q&ADo I have to do some work to put an accessible shower?
Excelshower Staff asked 3 weeks ago

Yes, there is work to be done to put an accessible shower. The shower must be flush with the floor, with no steps to access it; if possible, the shower tray will be replaced by a slight slope of the floor towards the drain. It must be equipped with a rotating seat inside at a height of 43-45cm; the depth of this seat will be sufficient to allow cleaning of the back. Next to this seat there will be enough space to place a wheelchair and carry out the transfer of the user (minimum 70x120cm). The controls and the shower itself must be at a height accessible from the seat, and will also be accessible from the outside.

Adapted showers are not elements that have to be hidden, or that need more privacy than a normal shower. For this reason, in the case of collective showers, an area can be reserved, preferably one of the ends, to install the bars and other necessary technical aids there, instead of locating the adapted shower in a separate cabin.

Las duchas adaptadas no son elementos que tengan que ser ocultados, o que necesiten de una mayor privacidad que una ducha normal. Por ello, en el caso de las duchas colectivas, puede reservarse una zona, preferiblemente uno de los extremos, para instalar allí las barras y otras ayudas técnicas necesarias, en vez de ubicar la ducha adaptada en una cabina independiente.