Accessible shower or adapted bathtub?

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Excelshower Staff asked 3 weeks ago


If you do not know if it is better to install an accessible shower or adapted bath, from Excelshower we advise against the use of bathtubs. Mainly because of the difficulty in accessing them. Also, if you install an adapted bathtub:

  • it will be necessary to place transfer seats or cranes.
    The bottom of the bathtub will be non-slip, and will be at the same level as the bathroom floor to avoid falls when leaving it.
    You will need to install a vertical support bar on which the hand shower can be placed, at a height no greater than 140cm, and a horizontal bar at about 75cm high to help in the incorporations.
    Do not forget that the bottom of the bathtub will be non-slip, the use of non-slip treatments being preferable to the use of mats, which are not usually completely efficient.
    Remember that under no circumstances should you install fixed screens in the bathtub, as they make entry and exit difficult.
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